Who is Stoned Black Mom?

My Name is Nicole. I’m a 23 year old black woman. Born July 3rd and i’m a Cancer… rising sun sign Cancer and my moon sign Aquarius. I feel things deeply and have a hard to read exterior.  I’m a mom to one inquisitive girl- Nideira who’s now 8 months old.

I’m A Hairstylist, I’m an entrepreneur(CannaSpaMassage.com) I’m a Licensed Cosmetology Educator, Cosmetologist, And Massage and Bodywork therapist.

Oh… and Lastly I’m a stoner 🙂 

What’s encouraged me to start this blog was the need for a creative outlet for myself and also a way to share every aspect of my interest in one platform. I want a place where I can go and feel welcomed to speak to other women and parents with similar interest, who don’t want to feel guilty or be shamed for wanting to spark up at the end of that long day of getting shit done or not getting shit done and taking care of your baby. You earned that mama!

After googling things like “Black stoner mom” always looking for women who can actually relate and look like me, I’ve joined countless Facebook groups and I have yet to come across any women of color where I felt comfortable enough to actually hit post on that comment sharing my nightly unwind activities for fear of being judged. But recently I came across an article of a black girl saying we’re an underrepresented group in the stoner community and I can’t agree more.

I always thought of starting a youtube but truly words are more my style than setting up a camera and trying to be perfect. So Fuck it. I’ll just let the words flow with my crazy hair… 2 day old nursing shirt, and hopefully a sleeping baby lol while I sneak to the back room to light one with my man. 

Black stoner moms and friends we have a place to talk freely and be ourselves. No consequences. 

With that being said I’d like to create our safe place of no judgement where we can casually talk about our day and the recreational use of marijuana while we take care of our children responsibly.

Here we’re going to talk: Self-care; Black-Baby Hair Care; CBD-Marijuanna Education; Smoking Parenting Responsibly; BreastFeeding Journey; Working from home and more.

Nicole at 7 months pregnant.