Quarantine Chronicles

I just want to start off saying that I’m loving this quarantine. If you don’t know I am currently a stay at home mom until my babygirl hits the age of 1. Although I do freelance doing many things that pertain to self care. (CannaSpaMassage.com) All of that is shut down until further notice due to COVID-19.

Since everyone is home I’ve been granted freedom to create and spend quality time with my loves.

Before the quarantine Nik worked full time 40+ hrs a week. Meaning I had the baby full time as well. It was hard to share responsibilities when one person is working long hours and the days basically start to run together. But on the other hand taking care of baby all day is definitely a full time job in itself.

Hits the blunt. . .This parenting shit is hard lol

So every other day or so I wake up to my baby girl in my bed smacking me in the face and or kicking me in the stomach.

I guess it’s her “Goodmorning mommy” with a smile.

Yes we bed share I’m currently working on it though lol. We just got her crib set up and it’s been a struggle for her to actually stay asleep lol.

She’s had a few nights of 5 hrs of straight sleep in her bed. Thanks to this nested bean sack that I recently purchased: http://www.nestedbean.com?afmc=d

I’m honestly just grateful for a few hours of sleeping like a normal person before I have to flip and flop and nurse her for the rest of the night 😕

Send help, my back is depending on it 😭

After changing her diaper getting my self together. Im off to the kitchen to make my morning tea.

My favorites are green tea, ginger, lemon, & peach it’s just a great way to get your body started for the day.

Then play time for baby with some youtube Sign Language, Elmo, And Word Party for some razzle dazzle and to keep her attention, while I clean up, roll up, chill,Whatever 🤷🏽‍♀️

After an hour or so she’s tired and ready to eat. We breastfeed until she is KO. This is the first nap of the day AKA the first blunt😁. Babygirl is generally between 2-3 naps a day at her age (9 months). None of these naps are long except the first nap.

Finishing my joint. I’m chilling and ready for another day in baby world. Not even 5 minutes later, I Hear babygirl crying on the monitor.

My child has perfect timing lmao properly calculated to when that last pull is taken. Or when the food is done and you’re about to sit down and eat🙃 Nideira is ON IT ! And it never fails lol

From there we will sit in the living room and either get work done, play video games, watch tv, and snack for the remainder of the day until it’s time for bed. For Nideira I TRY and keep her on some kind of schedule—bedtime is between 9-10pm.

Nik and I are trying to take our schedules back by going to bed earlier instead of staying up all night and smoking😬. These last 2 weeks we have smoked what we would normally smoke in 2 weeks in 1 week🥴. And seeing as how we’re on lock down we need to slow down and be a little more productive.

The way we see it everyday is Friday. And like Smokey said “it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do. — Stimulate yo mind Craig “ literally my line everyday when we’re just looking at each other like “wANnA SmOKe? “Lol 😭

With that being said we’ve been slowly trying to incorporate more exercise and more veggies into our daily routine because before we know it we all will have blown up and of course I want to loose weight and not gain. My mom bod is starting to settle in and before I get too comfortable there are some things I’d like to change.

Would y’all want to do a 2 week workout challenge with me? Comment below if you’re interested😁

Quarantine life is not bad just has me anxious to start my business back up. I’ve been gathering my materials and tools on amazon like a mad woman. Perfecting a couple new additions to my arsenal of services and products. I have a new location in Burlington County and still traveling for my Loyal Clients in Hudson county.

How’s Quarantine been for you all? What’s your routine like?


I think ima take a break for a few days… maybe

Love SBM💚

Ou and I’m late but Happy Mothers Day To all the mommas, mommas, and baby’s mommas mommas 😁😘


WHAT IS THC and CBD? How does it effect our bodies?

Since I wrote about how I’ve used weed during my pregnancy and why. I received a few messages and comments from moms who were telling me about their experience with cannabis either before or after having their children. Some moms feel really bad for partaking in an occasional joint or two to calm their nerves when the baby is sleep. Or while you hide in the bathroom for a few minutes (no worries we’ve all been there).

I think its time we really talk about it, because you only fear what you don’t know.

**Sparks joint

Now lets get into it . . .

So What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a not just one plant. Its a group of plants with psychoactive properties. There are 3 types of Cannabis plants: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

Once these beautiful flowers come to fruition they are harvested, dried, and then we’re left with what we know as marijuana AKA ganja, weed, pot, the magic dragon, or brown cigarettes lol one of the most common “drugs” in the world.

Cannabis is made up of over 120 components, known as cannabinoids. Scientists still aren’t sure what each cannabinoid does, but they have a solid understanding of CBD and THC, each of them with their own effects and uses.

CBD aka cannabidol is non- psychoactive, meaning it wont get you high. It’s used to reduce inflammation and ease pain. It also helps with depression, mental disorders, inflammatory bowl disease, nausea, migraines, seizures, and anxiety.

*It’s full medical benefits are still being researched.

THC aka tetra-hydro-canna-binol is psychoactive, meaning this is what’s responsible for your high. It helps with pain, muscle spasticity, glaucoma, insomnia, low appetite, nausea, and anxiety.

Each of these compound are chemically similar to the body’s endocannabinoid system. But they have different effects.

When we smoke or partake in any form of cannabis the neurotransmitters in your brain which are responsible for relaying messages like pain, stress, and sleep etc. to cells are affected.

What is the endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

This system is a complex cell signaling system, discovered in 1990 when scientists were researching THC. It’s made up of 3 components: endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes.

So far scientist have found out that this system plays a role in: appetite, digestion, metabolism, chronic pain, inflammation, other immune system responses, regulating sleep, mood, appetite, learning, memory, motor control, cardio vascular system, bone remodeling and growth, liver function, stress, skin nerve function, reproduction and fertility.

This system is active in our bodies without the use of cannabis. Its what kicks in to help your body return to normal function if something is thrown off.

Endocannabinoids are molecules made by your body, similar to cannabinoids but again they’re produced by your body. These cannabinoids help keep internal functions running smoothly. Your body produces them as needed.

Receptors are found throughout the body. Endocannabinoids bind to them in order for our ECS to take action. There are 2 types of receptors CB1 (Central nervous system) and CB2 (peripheral nervous system, especially immune cells).

Depending on what your body needs endocannabinoids will target certain receptors in the body.

Enzymes are responsible for breaking down endocannabinoids after they’ve carried out their function.

What are the side effects of cannabis?

Short term

CBD doesn’t seem to have any effects and our bodies can tolerate large doses. Studies suggest that side effects with CBD can occur as a result of other drugs used with CBD.

THC on the other hand can cause temporary side effects, like: increased heart rate, coordination problems, dry mouth, red eyes, slower reaction times, and memory loss. This is apart of the psychoactive properties.

Long term

Experts still haven’t fully uncovered the long term effects of cannabis because of the conflicting evidence on the topic. Most studies have only been tested on animals. Long term studies in humans are needed to fully understand lasting effects.

*** this is why blogs like mine or testimonials from people like myself are important. Because like any other research you have a hypothesis, you then test that hypothesis, and compare research before coming to a conclusion.

While I am here advocating for us mothers and parents to take time out for self care it is important to know that facts about this drug and do what YOU think is best for YOU. I don’t want my opinions or views to be pushed onto anyone so this is why I wanted to present the facts!

Now that you know more about cannabis and it’s effects do you still feel that this method is a good method for self care?

For me this solidifies my usage. It’s been scientifically proven to help with anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and so much more as explained above. I love this magical plant, it serves me well and helps me daily in managing myself and taking care of my family.

Tell me, how has weed impacted your life?

Now that you know more about it are you going to continue medicating?

Did I teach you something you didn’t know before?

I want your feedback! Comment down below or email me at pnicolebusiness@gmail.com

Love Always,

Stoned Black Mom


How & why I used weed during my pregnancy

Smoking for me was never an addiction or something I just HAD to do. It started off as recreation when I was a teenager but later I came to realize it helped me keep a level head and to calm my mind through or after a busy day. Also sometimes to help me sleep.

Once I found out I was pregnant I immediately slowed down my consumption of weed and alcohol.

I limited myself to just a glass of red wine IF any and I stopped smoking everyday. When I did roll up it’d be the skinniest joints and I’d probably smoke only half.

Family & friends ..

I just knew people outside of my imediate circle would judge me if they saw me high. Even if it was only just a little bit. I kinda felt that my mom may have been side eyeing me too but she didn’t say anything lol.

So when I was home with her I’d be sure to hide it or smoke in my car🤷🏽‍♀️

How we came to a decision …

Nik and I had asked different family members and friends who smoke and have kids how was their experience during their pregnancies.

From their experiences plus what information we gathered we were able to come to our own decision on if I should still smoke. We live in a non legal state, only for medicinal users. So of course we want to be smart and do what’s safe.

The information I gathered from forums and my family and friends was to not tell my doctor to be on the safe side.

For my own mental stability at each doctors appointment every time they pricked me and drew blood or took samples of urine I asked what it was for and why it was needed.


Whenever Nik and I were apart, I still smoked somewhat regularly. Used topicals, vapes, and smoked joints. Since we’ve been together so long it’s hard to sleep when he’s not around so smoking weed would help me sleep.

When I was with Nik on the other hand it was a little weird, at first it would be him smoking alone but I’d be there.

So here I am you know doing good , having self control and what not. Then that smelly smell weed aroma be like “hey, you know you wanna hit this right “

Que rick James- Mary Jane 🎶

Lol and I’d be like “yeaaaa you right, Nik lemme see that real quick.

He always asked was I sure or hesitated throughout my pregnancy but we both just knew she was gonna be ok.

It’s funny cause when I did took those few pulls Nideira would be moving around in my belly and it was the weirdest feeling ever.

The closest thing I can compare it to is having gas in your stomach

We always end our nights with a few joints. Before, during, and after the baby this has been our nightly routine since we’ve been together, —going on 8 years this year😬

“The couple that smokes together stays together “

-idk who said that but it’s been said to us many times

A balance

I smoked sooo much less during the pregnancy. I only took a few pulls of what I rolled. It was like I was buying an 8th every 2-3 weeks Vs a quarter or more every week. I was saving every penny.

I used CBD tincture, a few drops to help whenever I was having anxiety and depressive episodes about going to work. I would damn near be crying trying not to go work. Or thinking of ways to quit ALL THE TIME. It’s not that I hated my job I just was doing a lot and I was exhausted.

I also used topical CBD whenever I had headaches & when my joints were in pain which really helped my hips.

The topical CBD I USED is for sale at http://www.cannaspamassage.com its a black owned company and made in house. Check them out !

During my pregnancy I was working as a part time massage therapist 3-4 days a week and body waxing the other 3 days. All while taking private clients for hair appointments on my off time.

Dealing with the public in such a way that I do is a constant exchange of energies from different people. I’m empathetic, so at the end of the day the weed is a detox for me of everyone’s energy.

Which left me to now get ready for my baby and go into full blown nesting mode on the late nights lol.

Ya girl was doing a lot to prepare for a baby so trying not to smoke would have messed with my sanity and I don’t think I could have enjoyed my pregnancy otherwise.

Everything I used this wonderful plant for helped me throughout my pregnancy. This should be talked about more and more acceptable for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

So yes I rolled that shit, lit that shit, and smoked it.

Thank God my pregnancy went perfectly fine.

She was the right size, right on time, and healthy. Took a shit on her way out but she was fine. Her latch was amazing and we’ve been kickin it ever since. She was such a good baby in the beginning and still is.

She’s meeting all of her developmental milestones. And trying to walk at 8 months 🤦🏾‍♀️

All you here is us telling her “nooooo” all day lol she’s getting into everything. She’s a normal happy ass baby. And I wouldn’t change anything I have done.

So now you know about me. Tell me a little bit about you?

What got you started smoking weed?

Why do you smoke now ?

Have you smoked or used cannabis products during your pregnancy, how has it helped you?

Share your story with me by DM on IG or Facebook @stonedblackmom

If you’ve got questions for me please feel free to ask!

Stay Home & love always,


Exclusively breastfed, an 8 month victory!

Today Nideira, my baby girl is 8 months old and exclusively breastfeeding. And when I say EXCLUSIVE biiihhh I mean exclusive. 🥴👀

The titty jokes don’t end over here 🙄 lol and I’m always afraid to leave her because she refuses to drink from a bottle most times.

Don’t think I haven’t tried to get her to take a bottle of this here liquid gold. Sis just isn’t beat. She wants it from the tap whenever tf she want it lol. I’ve bought so many baby bottles in the last 8 months. All for her to basically waste my hard earned pumped milk.

Like come on kid. This ain’t easy and you gon drink !!! But of course she doesn’t cause who can make a baby do anything 🤷🏽‍♀️

I just wanted to celebrate this small victory because breast feeding is hard yet so worth it.

And I cannot forget to mention FREE !!

If you’re able and willing to feed your baby titty milk then I strongly recommend doing so. Idk how long we will be on this journey because I don’t see us stopping at 1 year. But Watching her grow and get chunky from drinking MY milk makes me feel good and nothing calms her like mom and the milk.

-On this particular night, I couldn’t even get her to sleep and Nik had to get her, I just had to crawl out the damn room smh 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

ALTHOUGH, had I known what I know now about breast feeding I’d do it different from the beginning.

My first thing would be to try not do it all, if you have help. For me my motherly instinct was not even trying to allow a bottle because I read some shit about nipple confusion and I didn’t want her to reject my breast.

BUT down the line ended up reading some other shit that was like there’s no such thing as nipple confusion and now here I am with a little person literally hanging from the titt but it’s cool. I love her soo much and she’s healthy. She just eats all day meaning im a human cow I guess.

But it’s totally worth it in the long run lol

I promise 😁

My second thing would be to get a Hakaa aka the leech renamed by Nik lol.

If your planning to breastfeed listeeen, what nobody told me about, after having the baby was when my milk came in I was gonna be leaking while she fed from the other boob.. and it’s a lot .. like change ya shirt, and sheets a lot.

So With that being said you save your milk and feed baby boom, multitasking.

Boooom parenting hack your welcome lol

THEN when you do what I didn’t do and give that baby a bottle, you don’t have to pump. Which doesn’t suck too much if you get a pumping bra. But another story for another time I’m getting off topic.

Yay to 8 months of life to Nideira and yaaaay to our 8 months of exclusively breastfeeding!!!🤗🤗🤗🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Love Always,

-Nicole 💛

Earlier today, and I know I can’t sing lol

Who is Stoned Black Mom?

My Name is Nicole. I’m a 23 year old black woman. Born July 3rd and i’m a Cancer… rising sun sign Cancer and my moon sign Aquarius. I feel things deeply and have a hard to read exterior.  I’m a mom to one inquisitive girl- Nideira who’s now 8 months old.

I’m A Hairstylist, I’m an entrepreneur(CannaSpaMassage.com) I’m a Licensed Cosmetology Educator, Cosmetologist, And Massage and Bodywork therapist.

Oh… and Lastly I’m a stoner 🙂 

What’s encouraged me to start this blog was the need for a creative outlet for myself and also a way to share every aspect of my interest in one platform. I want a place where I can go and feel welcomed to speak to other women and parents with similar interest, who don’t want to feel guilty or be shamed for wanting to spark up at the end of that long day of getting shit done or not getting shit done and taking care of your baby. You earned that mama!

After googling things like “Black stoner mom” always looking for women who can actually relate and look like me, I’ve joined countless Facebook groups and I have yet to come across any women of color where I felt comfortable enough to actually hit post on that comment sharing my nightly unwind activities for fear of being judged. But recently I came across an article of a black girl saying we’re an underrepresented group in the stoner community and I can’t agree more.

I always thought of starting a youtube but truly words are more my style than setting up a camera and trying to be perfect. So Fuck it. I’ll just let the words flow with my crazy hair… 2 day old nursing shirt, and hopefully a sleeping baby lol while I sneak to the back room to light one with my man. 

Black stoner moms and friends we have a place to talk freely and be ourselves. No consequences. 

With that being said I’d like to create our safe place of no judgement where we can casually talk about our day and the recreational use of marijuana while we take care of our children responsibly.

Here we’re going to talk: Self-care; Black-Baby Hair Care; CBD-Marijuanna Education; Smoking Parenting Responsibly; BreastFeeding Journey; Working from home and more.

Nicole at 7 months pregnant.