Exclusively breastfed, an 8 month victory!

Today Nideira, my baby girl is 8 months old and exclusively breastfeeding. And when I say EXCLUSIVE biiihhh I mean exclusive. 🥴👀

The titty jokes don’t end over here 🙄 lol and I’m always afraid to leave her because she refuses to drink from a bottle most times.

Don’t think I haven’t tried to get her to take a bottle of this here liquid gold. Sis just isn’t beat. She wants it from the tap whenever tf she want it lol. I’ve bought so many baby bottles in the last 8 months. All for her to basically waste my hard earned pumped milk.

Like come on kid. This ain’t easy and you gon drink !!! But of course she doesn’t cause who can make a baby do anything 🤷🏽‍♀️

I just wanted to celebrate this small victory because breast feeding is hard yet so worth it.

And I cannot forget to mention FREE !!

If you’re able and willing to feed your baby titty milk then I strongly recommend doing so. Idk how long we will be on this journey because I don’t see us stopping at 1 year. But Watching her grow and get chunky from drinking MY milk makes me feel good and nothing calms her like mom and the milk.

-On this particular night, I couldn’t even get her to sleep and Nik had to get her, I just had to crawl out the damn room smh 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

ALTHOUGH, had I known what I know now about breast feeding I’d do it different from the beginning.

My first thing would be to try not do it all, if you have help. For me my motherly instinct was not even trying to allow a bottle because I read some shit about nipple confusion and I didn’t want her to reject my breast.

BUT down the line ended up reading some other shit that was like there’s no such thing as nipple confusion and now here I am with a little person literally hanging from the titt but it’s cool. I love her soo much and she’s healthy. She just eats all day meaning im a human cow I guess.

But it’s totally worth it in the long run lol

I promise 😁

My second thing would be to get a Hakaa aka the leech renamed by Nik lol.

If your planning to breastfeed listeeen, what nobody told me about, after having the baby was when my milk came in I was gonna be leaking while she fed from the other boob.. and it’s a lot .. like change ya shirt, and sheets a lot.

So With that being said you save your milk and feed baby boom, multitasking.

Boooom parenting hack your welcome lol

THEN when you do what I didn’t do and give that baby a bottle, you don’t have to pump. Which doesn’t suck too much if you get a pumping bra. But another story for another time I’m getting off topic.

Yay to 8 months of life to Nideira and yaaaay to our 8 months of exclusively breastfeeding!!!🤗🤗🤗🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Love Always,

-Nicole 💛

Earlier today, and I know I can’t sing lol


Author: stonedblackmom

A young black mom, entrepreneur, and stoner. Hoping to Share a glimpse of my life while finding moms who partake in a blunt or two maybe more. I just want to say you deserve it and we deserve to live without shame and say it’s okay for moms(and dads) to spark up!

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