Quarantine Chronicles

I just want to start off saying that I’m loving this quarantine. If you don’t know I am currently a stay at home mom until my babygirl hits the age of 1. Although I do freelance doing many things that pertain to self care. (CannaSpaMassage.com) All of that is shut down until further notice due to COVID-19.

Since everyone is home I’ve been granted freedom to create and spend quality time with my loves.

Before the quarantine Nik worked full time 40+ hrs a week. Meaning I had the baby full time as well. It was hard to share responsibilities when one person is working long hours and the days basically start to run together. But on the other hand taking care of baby all day is definitely a full time job in itself.

Hits the blunt. . .This parenting shit is hard lol

So every other day or so I wake up to my baby girl in my bed smacking me in the face and or kicking me in the stomach.

I guess it’s her “Goodmorning mommy” with a smile.

Yes we bed share I’m currently working on it though lol. We just got her crib set up and it’s been a struggle for her to actually stay asleep lol.

She’s had a few nights of 5 hrs of straight sleep in her bed. Thanks to this nested bean sack that I recently purchased: http://www.nestedbean.com?afmc=d

I’m honestly just grateful for a few hours of sleeping like a normal person before I have to flip and flop and nurse her for the rest of the night 😕

Send help, my back is depending on it 😭

After changing her diaper getting my self together. Im off to the kitchen to make my morning tea.

My favorites are green tea, ginger, lemon, & peach it’s just a great way to get your body started for the day.

Then play time for baby with some youtube Sign Language, Elmo, And Word Party for some razzle dazzle and to keep her attention, while I clean up, roll up, chill,Whatever 🤷🏽‍♀️

After an hour or so she’s tired and ready to eat. We breastfeed until she is KO. This is the first nap of the day AKA the first blunt😁. Babygirl is generally between 2-3 naps a day at her age (9 months). None of these naps are long except the first nap.

Finishing my joint. I’m chilling and ready for another day in baby world. Not even 5 minutes later, I Hear babygirl crying on the monitor.

My child has perfect timing lmao properly calculated to when that last pull is taken. Or when the food is done and you’re about to sit down and eat🙃 Nideira is ON IT ! And it never fails lol

From there we will sit in the living room and either get work done, play video games, watch tv, and snack for the remainder of the day until it’s time for bed. For Nideira I TRY and keep her on some kind of schedule—bedtime is between 9-10pm.

Nik and I are trying to take our schedules back by going to bed earlier instead of staying up all night and smoking😬. These last 2 weeks we have smoked what we would normally smoke in 2 weeks in 1 week🥴. And seeing as how we’re on lock down we need to slow down and be a little more productive.

The way we see it everyday is Friday. And like Smokey said “it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do. — Stimulate yo mind Craig “ literally my line everyday when we’re just looking at each other like “wANnA SmOKe? “Lol 😭

With that being said we’ve been slowly trying to incorporate more exercise and more veggies into our daily routine because before we know it we all will have blown up and of course I want to loose weight and not gain. My mom bod is starting to settle in and before I get too comfortable there are some things I’d like to change.

Would y’all want to do a 2 week workout challenge with me? Comment below if you’re interested😁

Quarantine life is not bad just has me anxious to start my business back up. I’ve been gathering my materials and tools on amazon like a mad woman. Perfecting a couple new additions to my arsenal of services and products. I have a new location in Burlington County and still traveling for my Loyal Clients in Hudson county.

How’s Quarantine been for you all? What’s your routine like?


I think ima take a break for a few days… maybe

Love SBM💚

Ou and I’m late but Happy Mothers Day To all the mommas, mommas, and baby’s mommas mommas 😁😘


Author: stonedblackmom

A young black mom, entrepreneur, and stoner. Hoping to Share a glimpse of my life while finding moms who partake in a blunt or two maybe more. I just want to say you deserve it and we deserve to live without shame and say it’s okay for moms(and dads) to spark up!

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